Widespread 20mph limit arrives in Croydon

Hundreds of north Croydon roads have a new 20mph limit from today under a council commitment to make the borough’s streets safer.

Except for main through roads such as Whitehorse Lane and Beulah Hill, all residential streets in parts of South Norwood, Selhurst, Bensham Manor, Thornton Heath and Upper Norwood are now covered by the new permanent 20mph limit.

The roads included in the new changes all have 20mph signs, and drivers caught speeding by police can expect fines, points on their licence or even prosecution.

Several of the affected roads, which are listed on a zoomable Google Map on the council website, also include numberplate recognition speed visors and electronic signs that flash up each vehicle’s speed.

Under plans to implement 20mph across the borough by 2018, last year Croydon Council divided the borough into five sectors and began a consultation on road safety and speed restrictions.

A majority of area 1 respondents to a council survey said in May 2015 they wanted 20mph. Statutory consultation followed later that year, and area 1 received final cabinet member approval earlier this year.

Earlier this year in area 2 – covering parts of Addiscombe, Ashburton, Woodside, Shirley, Heathfield, Fairfield, and parts of Selhurst and South Norwood – a majority of survey respondents were also in favour of introducing 20mph. The Area 2 proposals are now out to statutory consultation before being considered for final approval by Christmas. Proposals in relation to areas 3, 4 and 5 will be considered during 2017 and 2018.

Extensive 20mph limits reduce the risk and severity of accidents, cut congestion and pollution levels, encourage less car use and discourage rat-running in quieter streets.  The council will monitor traffic speeds within the 20mph roads. If speeding remains an issue, options could include traffic calming measures as well as police enforcement.

“I’m glad we’re delivering on our 20mph manifesto pledge because it will keep residents safer and make our streets more enjoyable places to live.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment

To see which roads are covered by area 1’s 20mph area and for more information on the area 2 statutory consultation, visit the council website on: www.croydon.gov.uk/20mph and click on the North Croydon – Area 1 tab.

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