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Choose to learn a new skill

Apprenticeship, job or entrepreneur…

What’s your choice?

Choose to be an apprentice

Being an apprentice allows you to earn while you train. The minimum wage for apprentices aged 16 to 18 is £3.50 per hour but you get valuable experience along the way. The scheme is run nationally as well as in Croydon and there are a wide range of jobs and careers you can choose from, see www.getingofar.gov.uk for how to apply or visit https://www.croydon.gov.uk/jobsatcroydon/apprenticeship for local apprenticeships.

Choose to get a job

You can find real jobs, apprenticeships & training opportunities at croydonworks.co.uk Croydon based jobs brokerage opening a whole range of other options for you to succeed.

Would you like to better your chances of getting a job and increase your professionalism? Contact Croydon BME Forum for details of the latest CV writing, entrepreneur and job search workshops taking place http://www.cbmeforum.org/events/

Choose to continue your studies

Not sure what type of job or training you want to do? You can continue your studies. Croydon has 21 secondary schools, 15 sixth forms and three colleges. Get advice at www.croydonyps.org.uk/advice/neet and the post-16 prospectus can also help you decide on your career

Get information on the 14-19yrs education and career options available to you.

Choose to be an entrepreneur

Want to be an entrepreneur? Contact www.giftedenterprise.com/programs/training/ there is loads going on in terms of help and support, you can have a market stall or small shop, start a tech or creative business or consultancy – it’s up to you.

You can get advice and support on starting a small business in Croydon from our business support team. Email carol.squires@croydon.gov.uk or see www.croydon.gov.uk/business/support for information.

Choose work experience

Get some hands-on work experience

There are loads of opportunities for you to work at large and small organisations in and around Croydon. All you have to do is apply for ‘work experience placements’ at www.croydonworks.co.uk

Be a CEO for a day

Want to be the next chief executive or a business director? Join the Croydon Takeover Challenge on Friday 23 November, and take charge for the day. Step into the shoes of a wide range of jobs including business leader and entrepreneurial roles, councillors, mayors, chief executives, and Police officials. The challenge is open to young people in Croydon and is a fun and exciting way to get real hands-on-experience, make decisions and share your views on the business. Register at https://youngcroydon.org.uk/ .

Get work ready & prepared

BME Forum workshops for CV writing, personal branding and job search take place each month from September to February 2019. The workshops are free and for anyone aged 16-24 years.

Palace for Life Foundation’s new Work Ready & Prepared (WRAP) programme combines real life, meaningful work experience with industry specific accreditations and training to prepare young people for the world of work. This comprehensive 15-week study programme is designed to provide a wide-range of opportunities to practice skills within the workplace. If you are 16-18-years-old, and want to gain employability skills, sign up for this programme! Starting September 2018 and February 2019. Contact susanpattersonsmith@palaceforlife.org or 07808 322983.

Choose what you can do

I choose to stay positive and productive

I choose to make a difference

I choose to have a life, not a knife