Tree planting drive sees hundreds of saplings come to Croydon

Roughly 650 young trees will be planted in Croydon over the coming months as part of a major drive to help improve air quality and make the borough greener.

This latest initiative will take the total number of trees planted in the borough to more than 800 over the past year.

Croydon Council has pledged more than £700k over the next five years in ambitious plans that will see a total of 3,500 new street trees planted.

The initiative will see thousands of trees planted in Croydon’s streets, with priority going to areas of the borough where pollution is greatest.

As part of this project, diseased or damaged trees will be replaced to ensure Croydon remains one of the greenest London boroughs.

Planting began earlier this month with work continuing through to March 2019.

Next year the council aims to plant a further 800 trees.

If you want find out if your area could be suitable for a new tree then email

“We are taking long-term opportunities to help improve our local environment.

“The trees we are planting will not only add character to the areas they are introduced in, they will also help improve air quality in the parts of the borough where pollution is greatest.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for environment, transport and regeneration

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