Time to get aboard the time truck

Ancient history goes on the road this week when the Museum of London Archaeology Time Truck comes to town as part of the Croydon Heritage Festival.

The bus will set up in North End at 11am on Saturday 18 June and be open until 5.30pm. Access is free of charge.

Items on show include many that have been unearthed in the borough over the years and are held in the collection at the Museum of Croydon.

Some finds go back as far as the time when giant mammoths roamed the countryside.

Pieces of fossilised evidence of this bygone era have been found at various sites in and around Croydon, and these will be on display alongside more recent finds.

Plaster casts of items from a Bronze Age hoard unearthed at Addington in 1914 represent a collection that is now held at the British Museum, and a 3rd Century Roman drinking cup depicts what is thought to be a local hunting scene.

Arrow heads and flints let people see how early man worked natural materials into useful tools, and tiles, loom weights and other items are evidence of early industrial processes.

The display will also feature a number of finds recently excavated from the Lion Green Road car park site in Coulsdon.

Cllr-Godfrey“We are very proud of our own Museum of Croydon, our art collection and the Riesco collection. Bringing the Museum of London’s truck to Croydon is a great temporary addition to our offer for residents and tourists alike”

Councillor Timothy Godfrey, cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport

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