The council’s ten priorities on housing

Cabinet is set to approve a report which outlines how housing is the council’s top priority, and its importance in securing growth, creating jobs and places where people want to live and work.

The report, which will be considered at the meeting on Monday, 16 March, identifies ten priorities which will dictate how the council delivers housing in the borough.

Members are also to consider the launch of a development company, which will help kick-start the building of new homes.

As spelled out in the council’s growth plan, which recognises the need for new homes, housing will play a key role in Croydon’s regeneration.

The council’s 10 commitments cover all aspects of housing, from building homes and improving council estates, to tackling anti-social behaviour and homelessness.

These are, in no particular order:-

  1. Building more homes for local people
  2. Using planning powers to get the best out of the housing market
  3. Regenerating council estates
  4. Driving up standards for private tenants
  5. Tackling poor quality housing to improve health
  6. Supporting older and disabled people and helping them live independently; providing shelter to rough sleepers helping them get off the street
  7. Improving conditions for homeless families in temporary accommodation
  8. Ensuring people feel safe in the place they live
  9. Developing strong communities
  10. Set up the People Gateway, which will integrate different council services providing a singular approach to managing homeless

The council’s development company will act as a commercial arm to the council, to secure the delivery of new homes.

The company’s structure will enable it to accelerate the delivery of new homes and respond to development opportunities as they arise.

“Housing policy is not just about putting a roof over people’s heads. It is about giving our children the best start in life, by tackling inequality and poverty, and by increasing life chances and improving health.

“Addressing the shortage of housing in Croydon is our biggest priority and this shows our real commitment to building and improving homes across the borough.

“The setting up of a development company will bring this forward and drive all of the developments in the borough, such as our council new build programme.

“This report sets out how we are going to produce new homes and make better places to live.”


Councillor Alison Butler, cabinet member for homes and regeneration


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