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November 2017

Council expands 20mph limit

2021-11-15T15:07:32+00:00 November 6th, 2017|Recent news|

Hundreds of streets in north-west Croydon now have 20mph speed limits as part of council plans to improve road safety across the borough.

As of today (Monday 6 November), all roads in north-west Croydon now have 20mph speed […]

November 2016

September 2016

Widespread 20mph limit arrives in Croydon

2016-09-05T13:29:34+01:00 September 5th, 2016|Recent news|

Hundreds of north Croydon roads have a new 20mph limit from today under a council commitment to make the borough’s streets safer.

Except for main through roads such as Whitehorse Lane and Beulah Hill, all residential streets in […]

June 2016

Green light for 20mph in north-east Croydon

2016-06-07T09:22:12+01:00 June 7th, 2016|Recent news|

Croydon’s proposals for a second phase of 20mph speed limits have been given the green light by residents in the north-east of the borough.

Residential streets in parts of Addiscombe, Ashburton, Woodside, Shirley, Heathfield, Fairfield, and parts of […]

March 2016

July 2015

Majority in favour of 20mph

2015-07-14T15:32:25+01:00 July 14th, 2015|Recent news|

A majority of residents support council plans to introduce 20mph speed limits on roads in the north of the borough.

Residents, businesses and local groups were asked to give their views about introducing them in streets in parts […]

June 2015

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