Tackling congestion at Fiveways

The council has set out its preferred solution for tackling congestion at Fiveways, which would avoid building a flyover, minimise the impact on neighbouring residents, and save Duppas Hill Park.

Transport for London has come up with two proposals to improve traffic flow at Fiveways, where the A23 meets the A232, which is one of the busiest intersection points in the borough.

The council’s cabinet is set to accept a recommendation to widen the existing bridge carrying the A23 Purley Way over the railway, and also widen Epsom Road to accommodate two-way traffic.

The alternative proposal would be to build a new flyover from Croydon Road to Duppas Hill Road to carry the A232, which would have a negative visual impact on a larger number of homes.

It would also mean losing a significant amount of Duppas Hill Park – the equivalent of one-and-a-half football pitches, and 30 mature trees.

In addition the council will be asking TfL to ensure that the Waddon Hotel, an important local building, is retained.

TfL completed a consultation on transforming Fiveways in March, with 81% of respondents supporting or partially supporting the principle of a road modernisation scheme at Fiveways.

It will announce its preferred option early next year ahead of a wider public consultation planned for next autumn.

“It is vital we invest in improving our road networks to ensure we are able to manage the increasing levels of traffic as a result of the huge amount of growth being delivered in our borough. Tackling congestion at Fiveways Corner is central to this aspiration, as it is one of the busiest junctions and intersections in Croydon.

“Both proposals would improve journey times, pedestrian crossings and cycle links across the A23. However we feel that the recommendation we have put forward would have less of an impact on those living in the immediate area. The alternative option of building a new flyover would have a negative visual impact on a larger number of homes, and would also mean losing part of Duppas Hill Park.

“I also welcome the fact that following the comments of those who attended the exhibitions, TfL has produced revised designs for Fiveways Corner itself, which work with both proposals and bring the potential for greater improvement to the pedestrian environment and public realm.”

Councillor Kathy Bee, cabinet member for transport and environment

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