Statement provided on sprinkler fitting in new schools

An article was published on a local blog site on Tuesday 1 August about sprinklers not being fitted in new school buildings.

For clarity:

There is presently no legal requirement for schools to be fitted with sprinklers and all council-built schools in Croydon meet government requirements and building regulations on fire safety.

Croydon Council will consider other fire safety measures depending on any future recommendations arising from the Grenfell investigation and advice from London Fire Brigade.

Each school built in the last 10 years has fire prevention incorporated into its design, from staircases and protected escape routes to aid means of escape to fire resistant construction materials to prevent or contain fire spread in the event of a fire.

All Croydon schools also have fire-resisting doors, fire alarm systems and robust evacuation procedures to quickly and safely clear a building in the event of an emergency. The schools are also required to have their own independent Fire Risk Assessments and to carry out regular fire drills with staff and students.

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