Statement provided regarding Ruskin Private Hire claim for compensation

A statement was issued to the Croydon Advertiser on Tuesday 10 June, 2014 in response to a request for an update on the ongoing claim for compensation being made in respect of Ruskin Private Hire.

An extensive article was published on Friday 13 June which accused the council on several counts, however no mention was made of the council’s official response. The paper has stated the article had already been sent to print and could not be recovered for the response to be included.

For clarity this was the reply given:

Ruskin brought a high value claim against the council despite what we have said to them about its lack of validity at all stages, including before they brought it. This claim now lies with the administrator of Ruskin. Although neither the council nor its legal advisers consider the claim has merit there is no option but to defend the position unless the administrator withdraws, as we cannot prevent parties from pursuing claims if that’s what they decide to do

The council cannot legally use public money to settle a claim it considers invalid.

We have engaged with the administrator and have been entirely open with them and sought to explain clearly and carefully to them why this claim really ought not to have been brought. We have also set out to them the evidence and detail which would be required to prove any validity to the claim.

The paper has subsequently updated their online story with part of this statement.


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