Statement on Croydon’s improvement arrangements

Commenting on today’s Written Ministerial Statement on Croydon’s improvement arrangements, Executive Mayor of Croydon, Jason Perry, said:

Jason Perry

“Fixing the council’s finances and putting Croydon back on a sustainable path has been my top priority since I was elected Mayor last year.

“This is welcome recognition from Government that despite the deep historic challenges facing Croydon, our political and officer team are making good progress and are willing to take the difficult decisions necessary to return the council to a sustainable footing.

“Given the additional £224m of capitalisation directions agreed last month, and our request for an unprecedented debt write-off, it is understandable that Government wants to formalise our current improvement arrangements as a precautionary measure in light of the additional historic issues which have been uncovered.

“I welcome the continuing focus Government and the Improvement Panel are giving to support our goal of returning sustainable local government to Croydon and reducing the £1.6bn toxic debt level inherited from the previous Administration.”


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