Statement from the Croydon Partnership and Croydon Council

The Croydon Partnership and Croydon Council had a constructive meeting this week about the redevelopment of the town centre.

They discussed the progress on a revised scheme as part of the review to ensure the development meets the rapidly changing needs of consumers, retailers and the overall town centre. The proposals include a higher proportion of mixed-use including high-quality offices and co-working spaces, a hotel and homes alongside a compelling retail offer. Considerations also include fewer parking spaces, the possibility of retaining and reusing some key buildings and more open space, which aligns closely with the council’s and the partnership’s sustainability agendas. While the revised scheme is worked up in more detail, the partnership will continue to invest to improve the town centre and encourage new trade.

“This was a productive and encouraging meeting. The new proposals look impressive, improve Croydon’s existing offer and crucially, are more sustainable and fit for the future. I look forward to the partnership being able to share more information with Croydon residents in the future.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council

A spokesperson for the Croydon Partnership said: “We were encouraged by the council’s response to our initial thinking and appreciate their constructive approach to bringing a scheme forward, proving the direction we are moving in is the right one for Croydon. There is still much work to do to finalise this proposal and ensure it meets the future needs of retailers, residents and consumers, in a climate of continued economic and retail uncertainty. We hope to be able to share more progress soon.”

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