Staff wanted to help young people take up the challenge

‘The Challenge’ is looking for support workers, mentors and leaders to work with young people from Croydon on this year’s round of National Citizen Service (NCS) programmes.

As well as recruiting staff, applications are also open for young people who want to use their spare time to the best advantage.

NCS is a three-part semi-residential programme for 15-17 year olds. It’s perfect for boosting CV experience, personal statements, and UCAS forms. It’s also an unforgettable experience which builds confidence and independence.

The Challenge is the largest provider of NCS in the country. Since 2009, they have designed and delivered programmes that bring different people together to develop their skills in understanding and connecting with others.

In Croydon there are three options: a three-week summer project, a one-week autumn half-term project, or an 11-day autumn term-time project (designed specifically for year-12 college students). None of these options costs more than £50 thanks to government backing, and they can count towards a Duke of Edinburgh Award.

During these programmes young people develop team-building and leadership expertise, learn new skills in sport, media, photography, media, drama, or art, and then make their mark by running a project in the local area.

One of last year’s participants, Mani, said: “Best thing ever…if you’re the correct age do it and make memories that’ll last forever.”

The roles currently being advertised by The Challenge are for support workers, senior mentors, programme leaders and assistant programme leaders, learning and behaviour mentors, and personal coaches.

Payments of between £950 and £3,990 are on offer in return for a commitment of between 10 and 42 days of work, plus 2-3 days training, depending upon the job.

Rhianna Grazier is senior assistant programme manager for NCS at The Challenge. She said: “I got involved because young people are the future and Croydon is a wonderfully diverse area with so much going on. And having seen the difference between young people on the first day and the last day of these programmes is an inspiration. They transform into young adults, become leaders, and take responsibility for their actions.

“Watching them pitch their ideas to an adult judging panel is always a highlight, and I always remember how one group who were teaching first aid to the public in North End all jumped into action when a real-life emergency happened after a passer-by fainted in the street.

“Working on NCS is incredibly rewarding, and as well as helping young people it also means you develop your own confidence and leadership skills.”

Local businesses can also take part by hosting 1-hour professional visits for young people on the programme, and charities are always welcome to provide opportunities for young volunteers.

 “Whether you are a young person, a charity or someone applying to be a staff member, NCS has a transformative effect for all involved. This is a brilliant programme that everyone gets so much out of and I’m delighted the council are able to support it.”

Councillor Alisa Flemming, cabinet member for children, young people and learning

For more info on The Challenge in Croydon visit the website.

Job opportunities can be found here.

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