Safer streets for more as 20mph limit goes live

More Croydon homes and schools will now benefit from safer, cleaner and greener streets as another 20mph speed limit goes live in hundreds of roads this week.

Croydon Council has this week (27 March) launched 20mph speed limits across north-east Croydon as part of its pledge to make Croydon a 20mph borough by 2018. The 20mph limit is now effective in all streets in that area, apart from major through roads and a few where it would be impractical.  The roads included in the new changes all have 20mph signs and if speeding remains an issue, further action can be taken which could include traffic calming measures as well as requests for targeted police enforcement.

Widespread 20mph limits reduce the risk and severity of accidents, and cut congestion and pollution levels by discouraging car use and rat-running in quieter streets. By making roads safer they also encourage greener methods of travel like walking and cycling.

Laura Channell is Travel Plan Leader at The Robert Fitzroy Academy, one of 22 schools in the north-east area which will benefit from safer streets. Welcoming the launch she said: “We are over the moon that there is now a 20mph limit surrounding the school. Hopefully this will make it safer for parents, children and residents within the area. The Robert Fitzroy Academy would like to say a huge thank you to Sarah McCalden for championing the campaign.”

To implement the 20mph speed limit in Croydon the council has divided the borough into five areas and, following consultation and cabinet approval, a 20mph limit was introduced in the first area in north Croydon in September 2016. This week’s implementation in north-east Croydon is the second area and follows consultation and approval in October. In January 2017, the council wrote to 90,000 residents about the proposed implementation of 20mph limits in the remaining three areas of the borough – parts of north-west, south-east and south-west Croydon. The results of the statutory consultation will go to the Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) in May for a decision.

“We promised to make Croydon’s streets safer by reducing the speed at which motorists should travel, and we are delivering on that promise. Everyone knows reducing the speed at which cars travel makes roads safer, helps to prevent accidents and ultimately saves lives. This is about making the areas where we live safer and easier to walk about in, particularly for the most vulnerable such as children, and we know this is a priority for many Croydon residents and schools who have lobbied us for this change. Slowing motorists down will also make our roads more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians, thereby encouraging greener methods of transport. The importance of slowing motorists down cannot be underestimated and I’m delighted to see more people will benefit from a 20mph limit on their street.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment

For more information on 20mph limits in Croydon visit the council’s 20mph limit webpages.


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