Review of Croydon Local Plan now under way

Croydon Council is reviewing part of its Local Plan to update the vision and strategy for Croydon’s growth up to 2040, and set out how the borough will continue to deliver much-needed new homes, jobs and community facilities.

The review is being undertaken as the Mayor of London finalises the London Plan, which is expected to require all outer London boroughs to provide more homes.

The plan aims to strengthen Croydon’s sustainability, create healthier places and support local employment, leisure and retail.

As part of the review, the council will explore a range of options to minimise the impact of growth on the character and nature of Croydon’s suburbs, looking at alternative and suitable locations for new homes and community facilities.

The review will also include a section on the Purley Way, where the council has received funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA)’s Home Building Capacity Fund. It will look at protecting the commercial future of the area, while providing units for smaller businesses, community facilities and homes in an improved environment.

The council is required to review its local plan every five years to ensure it meets changing needs. It is anticipated it will not be adopted until 2022.

Residents, stakeholders and developers will be invited to engage as the partial review is drawn up. During June and July the council will open up a call for information on development sites and valued green spaces across the borough to help shape the review. In November, Croydon’s draft partial review will be available to comment on.

“As a council we’re looking to be innovative when it comes to the delivery of the growth and homes needed in the borough. That’s why receiving funding from the GLA to look into and set a vision for the Purley Way is such good news.

“We already have a policy to develop on brownfield sites and that will remain, but as demand for more homes increases, we will have to look at different ways of promoting growth throughout the borough.

“We’re very much at the beginning of this partial review and we want to give people as much notice as possible to have their say on this important strategy that will impact upon the future of us all.

“We’re looking forward to speaking with residents to help shape this future into one where the local character and distinctiveness of all of the places within the borough are protected, whilst everyone has a decent home, access to the local facilities they need, can feel part of the local community, and lives in a healthy, green and sustainable environment.”

Councillor Paul Scott, cabinet lead for planning and regeneration

More information can be found here.

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