Report recommends replacement low traffic neighbourhood scheme

A temporary scheme set up to make Crystal Palace streets quieter, safer and healthier could be replaced with a 12-month alternative if plans are approved at committee tomorrow.

The new proposal would address many of the concerns of the current Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme by replacing planters on roads with enforcement cameras, which would continue to help ease traffic on the streets but give better access to emergency services and local residents.

It also responds to residents’ concerns about improving access to the Auckland surgery by relocating the bus gate and providing two on-street parking bays for vehicles displaying Blue Badge parking permits.

The new scheme would again be subject to further analysis and engagement with residents, businesses and neighbouring boroughs as the council seeks to improve air quality, reduce traffic and increase walking and cycling for shorter journeys.

The council would also carry out air quality assessments, traffic monitoring and focused research before any decision is made about making the scheme permanent.

The recommendations follow a public consultation late last year where the council asked residents for their views on the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme, with many of the respondents wanting the current one removed. The main areas of concern were around access for local residents and emergency services and utility vehicles.

“I hope residents will find that the new recommendations address many of the concerns they have around the current scheme but, crucially, will also help to make their streets quieter, safer and healthier.

“Since the introduction of the LTN we are already seeing an increase in local families out walking and cycling which is fantastic. So it is vital that we continue to reduce congestion and pollution by encouraging fewer journeys to be made by car where possible, this in turn provides safer areas for people to walk and cycle – and improves the quality of life for everyone.”

Councillor Muhammad Ali, cabinet member for sustainable Croydon

The Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC), is due to meet tomorrow to discuss the proposals.

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