Report Modern Day Slavery – via the Safe Car Wash App

Tell Croydon Council what you see at the car wash and you could help someone escape modern day slavery.

The council is taking a pro-active approach to stop this exploitation and needs your support.

Signs to look out for include whether there are any child workers at the premises, if there is evidence of workers living on site and if the body language of workers appears fearful or withdrawn.

Anyone visiting or passing hand car washes is asked to look out for signs of this crime and to report it anonymously via the Safe Car Wash app, which can be downloaded through the App Store and GooglePlay,

The council is working with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), which aims to protect vulnerable and exploited workers by dismantling and disrupting serious and organised crime across the UK.

Croydon’s Neighbourhood Safety Officers (NSOs) are already supporting the initiative and as part of their work, will be visiting hand car wash premises across the borough and reporting their findings.

The Safer Croydon Partnership will then work with the GLAA to establish if any borough car washes can be deemed high risk. If any evidence of modern day slavery is identified, the GLAA will investigate further to uncover those who are exploiting people and to help potential victims.

“Most hand car washes are legitimate businesses, but we hope this initiative will help stop those who are exploiting

people and send a clear message that Croydon takes a zero tolerance approach to slavery.

“Victims are hidden in plain sight, and are often right in front of us. We would therefore encourage everyone to use the app to help provide the GLAA with more information.”

Councillor David Wood, deputy cabinet member for safer Croydon and communities

To find out more, and to help this work, please download the app


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