Register now to vote for Croydon’s first elected mayor and local councillors

Croydon residents are being urged to register now to vote for the borough’s first elected mayor and local councillors in May.

On 5 May 2022, voters will head to the ballot box to vote for an elected mayor for Croydon for the first time. They will also vote for 70 ward councillors to represent their local area.

The elected mayor will lead the council and the borough, and have one of the largest mandates in the country. They will be a spokesperson for Croydon locally, nationally and internationally. Information about the roles and responsibilities of an elected mayor is on the council’s mayoral webpages.

Croydon is voting for an elected mayor because in a governance referendum last year, Croydon voters were asked if they would like a change in how council is run. The majority voted for an elected mayor, which is a change from the current leader and cabinet model.

Residents must be registered to vote to take part in the election. The deadline for registration is midnight on 14 April – register to vote at

To vote by post, you must register for a postal vote by 5pm on 19 April. To register for a postal vote, download a voter registration form, which must be printed, completed and returned.

If you do not have access to a printer, you can request a form in the post by emailing or phoning 0300 373 0595.

Find information about the election at and sign up for the council’s weekly e-bulletin to get updates.

“In May Croydon will elect a mayor for the first time, as well as 70 ward councillors who will represent your local communities. You need to be registered to vote in the local elections, so do make sure you have registered in time for the 14 April deadline – don’t miss the chance to have your say. This is a significant change to how your council is run so if you want to understand more about what a new mayor will mean for Croydon, you can find information on our election webpages.

Katherine Kerswell, returning officer, Croydon Council

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