Regina Road update

Two weeks ago the council commissioned an independent investigation into unacceptable conditions that some of our tenants were living in at Regina Road and to find out why this had been allowed to happen.

We have now received the initial findings and we have asked the investigators to do some further work to help us improve the services we give all our residents in council properties.

This inquiry is just the start of a much longer-term and wider-reaching improvement programme we are undertaking, which includes a review of our housing services, and we will make sure we keep our residents updated on the work we are doing.

The safety and wellbeing of our tenants is our top priority and the actions we have already started to take and are planning for the future demonstrate how seriously we are taking this situation and our determination to make things better.

The actions we have taken so far include rehoming the tenants from those flats and we have begun to replace their damaged household items. We have checked in on their neighbours to make sure they were not dealing with similar issues and we have conducted a full safety inspection of the building.

As a precaution we will be undertaking similar checks in all our high-rise blocks and we have begun to review our repairs and complaints procedures.

We are committed to making sure that all our tenants are treated with dignity and respect and that they are receiving the excellent housing services they need and deserve.

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