Quit for Covid this Stoptober

Croydon Council is backing the Stoptober campaign by encouraging local smokers to try a free 12-week course which could help them kick the habit and reduce their risk from Covid-19.

Run by Public Health England, the annual Stoptober campaign aims to help smokers quit for October and beyond. With smokers more at risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19, the campaign is particular vital during the current pandemic.

Live Well Croydon, the council’s healthy lifestyle service, is offering a free 12-week course in a bid to help residents quit for good and lead healthier lives in these challenging times.

Since it started in 2017 the service has helped thousands of residents stop smoking. One of these is David, aged 60, who was a smoker for decades, proving that it is never too late.

He said, “Around six months ago I saw the Live Well advert about stopping smoking. I had tried to give up before but nothing worked yet this was different. I had a marvellous advisor called Tami who I spoke to over the 12 weeks and she kept me strong, even through lockdown.

“She was a great support and I always felt I could get in touch with her if I wanted a cigarette. She talked to me about the importance of being healthy and not wasting my money. I can honestly say Tami and the service changed my life and it’s now so much cleaner and brighter. My daughter is very pleased and it’s a good example for my grandchildren not to see granddad smoking.”

Residents are assigned an advisor who will provide weekly one to one support, either by phone or online using a range of skills including motivational interviewing, behaviour change and goal setting to help keep people on track.

The Live Well stop smoking programme is for all Croydon residents, aged 16 years and over, who are committed to tackling their smoking habit with the expert help of their team of advisors. The success rate of quitting is three times greater with structured support than by willpower alone.

“I am immensely proud of our Live Well service which has helped thousands of residents over the years and it boasts many wonderful advisors to help people win their battle against smoking.

“Covid-19 is a respiratory infection affecting the heart and lungs and smoking damages your heart and lungs so now really is the time to quit and stay out of hospital.”

Councillor Janet Campbell, cabinet member for families, health and social care

Live Well offers free support to residents to quit smoking, tackle weight management, reduce alcohol, improve mental health and increase physical activity.

To find out more email: livewell@croydon.gov.uk phone: 0800 019 8570 or visit www.JustBeCroydon.org

To download the free Stoptober App visit www.nhs.uk/better-health/quit-smoking

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