Public warned to look out for unsafe lamps

Trading standards is warning everyone shopping in Croydon to ensure the lamps they buy are safe.

The Croydon team has seized a small quantity of unsafe table lamps, many with ornate bases and metal shades, from several retailers in the borough as they place the user at risk of getting an electric shock and are a fire hazard.

A product safety recall has also been issued for any that remain on sale (that are identical to those pictured) as they do not comply with safety laws.

Councillor Hamida Ali, cabinet member for communities, safety and justice

“We would like to get a warning out to the public to double check what they are buying while we continue to track down further dangerous items.

“If you have already bought this lamp, please stop using it immediately and return it to the retailer for a refund and call trading standards to let them know where you bought it.”
Retailers are also asked to report the lamps to trading standards, who are keen to establish if there are more out there.

Any electrical items available for sale must be marked with certain information including:

  • CE Mark
  • A batch or serial number
  • Name and postal address of the manufacturer
  • Instructions
  • A correctly fused plug.

Croydon trading standards can be contacted by calling 020 8407 1311, or emailing


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