Provisional A-level results looking good for Croydon schools

Croydon schools look to have done well in their A-levels.

With all but two schools having reported their A-level results, their average reported pass rate for Croydon [so far] is above the national average at 98.3%, compared to a national result of 97.9%.

The number of local pupils getting the top A or A* grades is also showing improvement with early results indicating a 4% increase across the borough compared to last year.

Councillor Alisa Flemming, cabinet member for children, young people and learning

“This really is good news – not only for those many students who will now be able to pursue their first choice of a future academic career, but also for Croydon’s schools as a whole.

“The council has been investing heavily over the last few years in new and expanded schools to ensure everyone has access to an excellent education. These figures prove just how important this is and how we must continue to do everything we can to help young people be the best they can be.

“I would like to congratulate students on their hard work, thank their parents and carers for their support and their teachers for their commitment to improve outcomes for our young people.”

Direct comparisons with last year’s results are made difficult because 13 key subjects have now changed how they are marked. Rather than taking coursework into account students are now graded solely on the results of a single final exam. Over the next three years this system will be applied to most subjects in the A-level curriculum.

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