Protecting priority services and delivering more for Croydon

The council is proposing to increase council tax by just 47p a week on a band D property to help protect priority services and invest in the borough’s future.

Croydon is determined to safeguard the things that residents rely on: keeping the streets clean and safe, education, protecting local libraries, and looking after the most vulnerable in our communities.

But the council has also made sure that over the next four years more will also be invested in building schools and youth facilities, affordable homes for local people and major regeneration projects such as the Fairfield Halls and a new leisure centre for New Addington.

“Despite 50% cuts in central government funding over the past six years, Croydon has been able to maintain a balanced budget and protect front line services when some other councils are having to make drastic cuts to balance the books. This administration has put value for money at the heart of what we do, such as letting out part of our council offices, so that we can continue to provide services that matter most to our residents.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council

The council has also chosen to add a 3% government adult social care precept, around 70p per week per band D household, which can only be spent on services for vulnerable adults and the elderly.

Councillor Newman said: “We’re absolutely determined to protect our elderly and vulnerable residents which is why we have decided to implement the government’s adult social care precept. But in the long term, we, like councils across the political divide, believe these vital services should be funded by national government.”

Council tax bills will also include the Greater London Authority precept, which is proposed to increase by 8p per week per band D property to fund more local police officers.

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