Pledge your plastics for recycling

Football shirts. Kitchen utensils. Garden furniture. Plumbing pipes. Children’s toys.

This disparate list of everyday objects includes only some of the products that can be made from recycled plastic.

To drive home the importance of the recycling message, Croydon Council has signed up to the nationwide Pledge4plastices initiative that encourages every UK household to recycle more plastic.

Plastic packaging makes up 11% of household waste and 40% of that is plastic bottles.

The five billion plastic bottles thrown away in 2012 were worth around £25m to the recycling industry, and it cost £19m to dispose of them in landfill.

Overall, the average UK household uses more than 440 plastic bottles per year, but recycles only just over 250 of them – and that’s a number that really should be improved.

The council is asking residents to recycle as much of their plastics as they can.

• Make your pledge at

• Take a look at the graphic for the full range of plastics that can be recycled in the domestic green box or communal recycling bin – are there any items that you’re not currently recycling which you could?

• Let the council know if you need any additional green recycling boxes. They can be delivered free of charge, and putting more plastics in your box means more space in your landfill bin. The boxes can be ordered via the My Account facility at or by calling 020 8726 6200.


“It’s important that the council cuts back on avoidable expense.

“One such expense is the ever-increasing cost of sending household rubbish to landfill, and an easy way to reduce that is by recycling as much as we can.

“Plastic recycling, in particular, has a number of advantages, including freeing up space in domestic landfill waste bins, decreasing the need for raw materials, saving energy, and reducing carbon emissions – recycling one tonne of plastic saves one tonne of carbon production.

“Croydon residents are able to recycle a huge range of plastic packaging, including bottles, pots, tubs and trays, so the council is calling on them to make the pledge and recycle as much plastic as possible.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council


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