Plans to keep Croydon moving scoops top award

The council’s ground-breaking five-year plan to keep Croydon moving while major regeneration projects take place in the borough has triumphed at a prestigious awards ceremony.

The council and its partners, including the GLA and Westfield/Hammerson, are delivering a £5.25bn regeneration programme, which will provide more than 8,300 new homes and 23,000 new jobs in the centre of Croydon by 2021

To manage and co-ordinate this Olympic-scale programme of development during construction works, the council commissioned consultancy firm Arup to plan how this could be delivered.

Arup, working with the council, came up with a tailor-made web-based programme delivery dashboard which won the innovation category at the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) awards.

The dashboard captures the impacts resulting from the delivery of all 169 regeneration projects in an interactive map format enabling the cumulative effects, such as traffic disruption, impact on amenities including schools, NHS services and public transport and power infrastructure, to be tracked and monitored in real time.

The council’s executive director of place, Jo Negrini, said: “This dashboard is a window on the future of Croydon, and maps out all the different regeneration projects shaping the borough’s transformation, enabling us to ensure that we can keep the town centre moving despite the major construction work that will be taking place in the years ahead. This will see that all of the day-to-day services that the council delivers for businesses in the town centre will continue uninterrupted.

“It shows that we are ready to turn Croydon into a modern, European city and means investors and developers can have complete confidence in the council’s ability to deliver.

“The council and Arup’s work is hugely innovative and this award is thoroughly deserved. This will pioneer how major urban regeneration schemes are planned and delivered in future.”

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