Picnic in Ashburton Park to celebrate renaming of refurbished former library

The council’s refurbishment of the former library in Ashburton Park reaches a new milestone this weekend as a community picnic is being held to announce the new name for the building.

More than 40 suggestions were submitted by local people and panel consisting of ward councillors and the Friends of Ashburton Park has now chosen the winning name.

To celebrate the range and depth of local knowledge expressed by all who entered some of the entries have also been used to name internal rooms and spaces.

The picnic in Ashburton Park is on Saturday 22 July 2017 from noon – 3pm. All are welcome to bring food, family, and friends for an afternoon of fun activities in the park.

Tour guides will also be on site to show people around the building between 12.30pm and 2.45pm.

Work is also now underway to find a temporary café operator to trade from the building or adjacent land over the summer months before the newly refurbished building is put into permanent community use.

The original plan for how the building will eventually be used has now been reviewed as it was felt there was a need to provide a better balance between commercial and community activities.

A range of alternatives are now being considered, with one option being the council may operate the facility directly to ensure that access to facilities is as wide as possible.

Local ward councillor, Maddie Henson, said: “This is now a fantastic opportunity for the right business to be established and we’re looking forward to seeing the building back in full community use as soon as possible.”

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