Parents reminded to return primary school applications

The deadline for parents to apply for preferred primary school places in Croydon is 15 January for children due to start in September.

A simple online application form is available from the school admissions page at

Croydon Council has been investing heavily in expanding and building schools to ensure there is a place for every child who needs one, and three new primary schools are accepting pupils for the 2015/16 school year.

• Chestnut Park Primary School – GLF Schools

Offering 90 reception places.

Initially opening on a temporary site in the Broad Green area, its permanent home will be at 49 St James’s Road, Croydon CR0 2UR



• Heathfield Academy – The Step Academy Trust

Offering 60 reception places.

Initially opening on a temporary site at The Robert Fitzroy Academy, Brampton Road, Addiscombe CR0 6JN, within two miles or 10 minutes’ drive of the planned permanent site at 7 Aberdeen Road, South Croydon CR0 1EQ.

(Free minibus transport will be provided for pupils and parents to and from Spices Yard car park and Robert Fitzroy Academy at the start and end of each school day.)



• Oasis Academy Fairfield

Offering 90 reception places.

Initially opening on a temporary site at Oasis Academy Shirley Park, Long Lane, Ashburton CR0 7AR.



It is important that parents use ALL six options on the form, in case none of their preferred schools are available.

Applicants are also advised to include the most local school which uses distance as a selection criteria, even if it is in sixth place.

Children will always be offered the highest-ranked school with available space from their list, so putting in additional choices won’t reduce the chances of being offered one listed as a higher preference.

However, if only some of the six options are used, and none of these have spaces, an offer will be made from the places that are left after the first allocations round.

Parents should also check on each school’s admissions policy to make sure they do not put their child down for a school that would be unlikely to accept them.


“The council’s programme of expanding existing schools and building new ones, is ongoing. We’re determined that every child in Croydon has a school place available to them.

“However some schools receive more applications than they have spaces for, which is why it’s really important parents use all six options on their form.

“I’d urge any families living close to one of the three new schools to give those schools serious consideration as they’re run by organisations with proven track records in providing a first-class education to their pupils.

“Choosing a child’s first school can be stressful for parents, but, if they follow the guidance, they’re more likely to be allocated a place they and their child are happy with.”

Councillor Alisa Flemming, cabinet member for children, families and learning


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