Overnight closures for maintenance work to Croydon Underpass

Motorists travelling through the town centre overnight next week will find they will not be able to use Croydon Underpass, linking Wellesley Road and Park Lane.

Routine maintenance work, including the cleaning of the tiled walls and inspection work to deal with a rainwater leak, mean the two carriageways will be closed, although at separate times.

  • The southbound carriageway will be closed between 9pm and 5am from Monday (13) to Wednesday (15).
  • The northbound carriageway will be closed between 9pm and 5am from Thursday (16) to Saturday (18).

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment

“We realise closure of the underpass might be inconvenient for motorists, but the sort of maintenance being undertaken is necessary to prevent possibly longer closures, with greater impact, in the future if the work isn’t done.

“We’re doing our best to minimise the pain by closing only one carriageway at a time, and carrying out the works overnight means normal daytime use won’t be affected.”

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