Open call to participate in a review of the licensing and policing of Croydon’s night time economy

Local residents, businesses, performing artists and any other interested parties who live in, work in or visit the borough are being invited to participate in a review of the licensing and policing of Croydon’s evening and night time economies.  Their views and feedback are being sought by a committee currently examining the issue.

As part of the review process, the committee calls for written submissions by 21 November and encourages residents to complete an online survey.  The committee will also be holding two public meetings on 21 November where residents, businesses, performing artists and other stakeholders can come and express their views. It will also be undertaking a series of visits to learn about licensing best practice.

The review is being supported by a number of key stakeholders, including local pubs and clubs and Croydon Police.

It will deliver forward looking recommendations on the licensing and policing of Croydon’s evening and night time economies that support Croydon’s ambition to create an enticing, diverse, safe and accessible place for everyone.

The thoughts, views and ideas collected will be used to inform the recommendation report, which will be submitted to the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee for its consideration in March 2017.

Cllr Callton Young OBE, Chair of the sub-committee, said: “This is an important piece of work that will help shape the licensing of the town and district centres, as they benefit from billions of pounds of new investment. We will be engaging expert opinion by working closely with our key stakeholders and learning from peers across London.  We will also be listening to the views of the licensed trade, performing artists, the council’s licensing team and the police.  But above all, we highly encourage resident engagement and participation as we want to ensure the review captures a diversity of opinions and ideas that will help to paint a full picture of Croydon’s evening and night time economies and deliver sound, practicable recommendations.”

How to participate

Written submissions:
The invitation for written submission of comments and views is open to the public. Please submit your statements to referencing ‘ENTE Review’ by 21 November 2016.

Public meeting
The public meeting will take place on Monday, 21st November. Stakeholders can attend either a morning or afternoon session in the Town Hall
If you are interested in attending the meeting please email

Online survey
An online survey asking for your views on how a thriving Croydon NTE would look like in 2022, is available at

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