New year, new tree planting on Croydon’s Streets

As spring approaches the council will once again be planting new trees on streets across the borough.

The built-up central part of the north of the borough has been identified as being in particular need. As such, the area centred around Thornton Heath  will get 80 new street trees planted by the council to replace those removed over the years due to damage or disease.

This is thanks to a successful bid by Croydon for £13,000 from the Mayor of London.
Officers from the council’s tree and woodland section applied for match-funding from the Mayor’s tree programme after residents and councillors asked for something to be done about the gradual loss of greenery from the built-up area.

The trees will be planted in existing empty tree pits before Easter, and people who would like one near their home can put in a request by emailing Residents can help the new trees to flourish when the hot weather arrives by taking a few minutes to give them a quick water.

“This year we will replace some 150 street trees across the borough. However, the north of the borough has been highlighted as an area that needs particular attention. We’re delighted the Mayor of London has matched our own investment to allow us to carry out this work.

“We know how people value having greenery around them – trees are not just visually attractive, they are also good for the environment. That’s why I’m sure plenty of residents will be happy to recycle the occasional bucket of old bathwater. If anyone has ever wondered what the short plastic pipes are next to the base of new trees, this is where they can be watered directly to their roots.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment

Planting will take place after checks have been done to ensure they won’t pose a risk to nearby underground pipes and cables or nearby buildings.

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