New waste permits to cut queues at the tip

Croydon Council is introducing a new waste permit system to cut queues at the tip and reduce the time residents spend waiting to dispose of household rubbish and recycling.

From 3 April 2017, residents will need a permit to use any of the three Household Reuse and Recycling Centres (HRRCs) in Croydon. There is no charge for the permits and the scheme will significantly reduce waiting times into the sites by ensuring that all customers using the sites are residents.

The permit scheme will also ensure that the council doesn’t incur additional waste costs from non-residents or businesses – and pass those costs on to residents.

“Nobody wants to spend their weekend queuing outside the tip after a spring clean – nor do Croydon taxpayers want to foot the bill for businesses to dump commercial waste or non-residents to bring their rubbish to our borough.
The new system is really straightforward and easy to use – permits are free and available to all residents from the HRRCs on production of a valid forms of ID. Whilst we are introducing the scheme nobody will be turned away but politely reminded to bring some forms of ID at the next visit. Once the system is established, residents won’t waste their time waiting behind people who shouldn’t be using the site.”

Councillor Stuart Collins, deputy leader – Clean Green Croydon

To get a permit residents will need to bring ID when they visit the site with their vehicle.

Residents cannot get a permit on behalf of someone else and must be presenting their own ID at your visit. Residents who use more than one vehicle in their household can get an additional permit when they visit the site in that vehicle. Once obtained, permits must be displayed in vehicles each time residents visit the site.

Permits will not be issued to customers that use large vehicles such as a van, minibus or trailer – they will need to provide ID on each visit. For more information please visit the council’s honesty form page.

For more information on the system, including the list of acceptable ID visit the webpage.


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