New pedestrian crossing in Coulsdon

A busy Coulsdon road will be easier for schoolchildren and residents to cross on foot thanks to a new pedestrian crossing installed by Croydon Council.

Highways contractors have now completed the scheme in Woodcote Grove Road, which is near the junction with Smitham Bottom Road and close to two schools, Woodcote High and Woodcote Primary.

Previously the nearest crossing was around 100 metres away, meaning pedestrians often had to wait to cross the busy road or walk further to use a dedicated crossing.

The £50,000 scheme is funded from the Transport for London budget given to councils for school safety schemes. Also included in the scheme are two new bus stops, one in each direction, to improve accessibility to local bus services, particularly for pupils and parents on the school run.

“This crossing will make the walk to school easier for local children and their parents, and both this and the new bus stops improve accessibility for residents wanting to get about on foot or by bus.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for environment, transport and regeneration

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