New partnership with London South Bank University next step in Croydon’s regeneration

A new partnership between Croydon Council and London South Bank University (LSBU) has been revealed as the next exciting step in the borough’s regeneration, as the town centre further develops as a centre of business, culture and learning.

Announced today, the partnership could see LSBU establish a centre for higher education in the heart of the town centre – a move which would significantly increase learning and training opportunities for residents of all ages, particularly the borough’s 93,000 under-18s.

It would also provide a significant boost to the borough’s economy, enhancing the skills of the local workforce, forging links with local businesses and building on the success of the council’s award-winning apprenticeships scheme, which is part of the Choose your Future campaign.

LSBU’s business incubation facility houses 90 businesses and is ranked among the top 15 university-run incubators in the world, while its employer-supported learning framework has made it a leading UK university for graduate employment. Nearly 89% of graduates are in professional graduate-level jobs or further study six months after graduation.

The new partnership is the first step in the council’s ambition to develop the Croydon Creative Campus, which would see the town centre develop as a global centre of higher education.

Vice Chancellor of London South Bank University Professor Dave Phoenix said: “LSBU is excited about the opportunity to work in partnership with Croydon Council to provide the high quality higher education the people and employers of the area deserve. We believe that a new Croydon university centre offer would make a vibrant and vital contribution to local learners and employers, and provide an exciting model for education in the UK.”

“I’m very proud we are partnering with LSBU as the first step in developing Croydon’s Creative Campus. This is fantastic news for Croydon’s future – as our borough grows and regenerates, we want our centres to develop as a rich mix of business, learning and creativity.

“Croydon’s regeneration is already delivering a wealth of opportunities for our residents, with new jobs, homes and facilities. This partnership is another, incredibly important development, as it will improve access to further education for residents of all ages, but especially our 93,000 young people, significantly boosting their skills and economic prospects.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council

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