New Low Traffic Neighbourhood coming to South Norwood

A South Norwood neighbourhood will be the latest to benefit from the council’s Streetspace initiative which is making local roads safer, quieter and less polluted for the community.

In April, the council introduced street closures in South Norwood on Albert Road junction with Eldon Park, and the Harrington Road junction with Albert Road.

Based on feedback on these current closures, the council will be adding two new closures to Albert Road on 8 October,that together will create a new Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN).

The implementation coincides with National Clean Air Day, which is all about raising awareness about the dangers of air pollution.

To complete the LTN, both Apsley Road and Belfast Road will be designated as Low Traffic Streets, closing them off to motorists, which will prevent excessive through traffic from using these roads.

The new closures aim to address longstanding concerns around an increase in motor traffic using residential streets to access Albert Road, Portland Road and High Street South Norwood. By closing some of these short cuts to motorists, the council is encouraging more walking, cycling and other forms of healthier travel.

Emergency services and 500 local residents and businesses have been informed of the changes.

“Air quality in Croydon is a genuine concern, and we know that excessive traffic from motor vehicles is a major contributing factor. Children are likely to have a high risk of exposure to air pollution around schools and their developing lungs are at greater risk to develop complications.

“We must continue to do everything we can to enable more short journeys that can be walked or cycled to do so, and do so safely.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for environment, transport and regeneration

Due to Covid–19, central government issued guidance and emergency powers to local councils to make significant highway changes to provide more space for people to walk and cycle safely, and to mitigate the impact of more car journeys resulting from reduced capacity on public transport.

Transport for London has provided funding for councils to deliver the London Streetspace programme, with schemes being implemented in most areas across the capital.

The council continues to encourage feedback via its Streetspace website, where nearly 2,000 residents have already shared their thoughts on schemes across the borough.

To mark National Clean Air Day – which usually takes place in June, but was postponed due to the pandemic – the council will also be expanding its air quality monitoring programme to all primary schools in Croydon, and undertaking air quality auditing for schools as well.

Data collected from the first half of the year indicates there was a 25% average reduction in air pollution levels in April 2020 compared to the previous month.

The council is also facilitating events and workshops in local schools to educate and inform pupils and parents about air pollution, engine idling and the benefits of walking and cycling for the school run.

The council will also continue to carry out vehicle patrols and spot checks as part of the Mayor’s pan-London anti-idling project.

For more information on Clean Air Day efforts, including details on free electric vehicle charging being offered as part of EV FREECHARGE Ubitricity at several charging points across the borough, visit our web page.

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