New environmentally-friendly gritters ready for winter

A new fleet of 10 low-emission gritters will be helping keep Croydon’s roads clear as the borough prepares for winter weather.

The new gritters are fitted with a tracking system which will enable them to be quickly diverted to areas in need of urgent treatment, for example if a water pipe bursts.

The new gritters all conform to Euro 6 standards, the most recent guidance on exhaust emissions.

Alongside this 5,500 tonnes of salt have been stockpiled to treat roads and footpaths across the borough, and arrangements are already in place should more salt need to be bought during the winter.

Priority is given to gritting key routes including A and B roads, main bus routes, approaches to rail stations as well as fire, police and ambulance stations, and roads with steep gradients. Pavements and roads around polling stations will be treated if needed on Thursday 12 December.

The 570 public salt bins across the borough have been stocked and will be monitored across the winter. Schools, along with housing and social support services, have all been given advice on how to access grit for their buildings.

Meanwhile, proactive monitoring of rainfall and water levels in Croydon’s gulleys and soakaways will allow a quick response in areas at risk of flooding.

Shifa Mustafa, executive director of place, said: “As ever we are working hard to try prepare for the cold weather and this year the low-emission vehicles will help make this a greener Christmas.

“We’re working hard to make sure the borough is as prepared as it can be to meet the weather’s challenges.”

More information on Croydon’s winter maintenance is available here.

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