Mound of sound confiscated from noisy neighbour

Peace has returned for the residents of a street in Broad Green after noise pollution officers and police raided a flat and confiscated 34 loudspeakers and a TV set.

The lives of neighbours of Michael Baker in Vanguard Close had been made a misery by months of his playing music in his small, one-bedroom flat at unreasonably high volume at all times of the day and night.

His disregard for his neighbours’ comfort and right to a peaceful life brought him to the attention of the council’s pollution team, which tried to contact him but had no response to visits to the address, and no reply to letters sent to him.

Magistrates granted an application for the seizure of all of the sound-producing equipment causing the nuisance, but when officers, armed with a warrant, arrived at the flat, entry was refused.

A locksmith was called to enable access to the property, and the local police safer neighbourhoods team ensured the pollution officers were able to safely remove the equipment.

Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for communities, safety and justice

“This resident, with his selfish behaviour over many months, blighted the lives of his neighbours.

“He showed no regard for their feelings, ignoring both them and the formal approaches of the council’s noise pollution officers who, in the end, had no alternative but to obtain a warrant from the courts to bring the problem to an end.

“He was left with only a portable CD player and a pair of earphones – I hope that will teach him, and others who cause similar noise problems, that they have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner and respect the lives of others.”

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