More time for residents’ feedback on new planning applications

Croydon residents will have extra time to comment on new planning applications after the council extended the formal feedback period as a result of Covid-19.

Members of the public usually have three weeks to make comments after a planning application is submitted, but Croydon Council is retrospectively extending this to four weeks on all schemes validated since 16 March.

This longer comments period will also apply to all validated planning applications received from council-owned developer Brick By Brick between 16 March and the end of May. These applications will also be referred for consideration at planning committee. The council is looking into holding virtual planning committees during this period, and will provide more information online when dates are confirmed.

Any comments received on applications after the extended four-week comments deadline will still be taken into account up until the date of planning determination.

All applications and related feedback will continue to be considered against borough, London-wide and national planning guidance and policies. The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government has told councils that the planning process and, in particular, applications for housing, should continue as normally as possible during the Covid-19 restrictions.

“The Covid-19 restrictions have had a big impact on all parts of society, and that includes the usual planning process and residents’ ability to take part, but we remain absolutely committed to openness and transparency in our decision-making.

“Despite the pandemic, it remains as important as ever to tackle the housing crisis and related issues of homelessness and overcrowding, and the council is still receiving many planning applications from developers and householders.

“Having listened to concerns raised by residents and local councillors, we have extended the comments period on all schemes submitted since mid-March so people have more time to examine and give feedback on new applications, including proposals to build new council homes in New Addington, Norbury and locations around the borough.

“To ensure that all planning applications of interest to local residents made by council developer Brick by Brick are determined in public, we have decided that they will all be considered at planning committee.”

Councillor Paul Scott, cabinet lead for planning and regeneration

The council is now sending letters to residents and businesses near sites affected by new applications, giving them four weeks to comment. The council’s website has also been updated to confirm that a similar timeframe will apply to all planning application notifications sent as of 16 March. All planning application documents and drawings can be viewed via the council website.

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