More books than ever before available through Croydon’s libraries

A £300,000 investment in books for Croydon’s libraries will add more books to the shelves. Croydon libraries will also join a London-wide consortium offering residents access to millions more books.

Croydon Council is increasing its investment in books by an additional nine per cent more than last year, and buying new books and other items for the libraries.

The 13 libraries across Croydon offer more than 120,000 physical books, 11,000 audiobooks, 9,700 large print books, DVDs, music CDs and playsets, and this will be increased by the new investment.

Residents were asked what titles they would like to see in the libraries, with other titles chosen based on demand in each area.

Croydon Council has also announced it will join the London Libraries Consortium, a group of 18 borough councils working together to improve services across all the members.

The consortium will give Croydon residents access to more than five million items and library membership cards are valid in all the member authorities.

Croydon Council took its library service back in-house in last year to protect staff jobs after the collapse of contractor Carillion, and to enhance the service for the community now and generations to come.

Residents will be able to start enjoying the benefits of Croydon joining the consortium later this year.

“I’m delighted we are investing in our libraries and enhancing their offer to our communities.

“This funding will help us offer more books for residents who can also enjoy a wide range of activities at our libraries.

“Joining the London Libraries Consortium will mean our residents can access more books than ever before, as well as enjoying other significant benefits.”

Councillor Oliver Lewis, cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport

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