Mayor Perry to back local businesses by cleaning up Croydon and restoring pride

Mayor Jason Perry set out his intentions today to support Croydon businesses by encouraging innovation, attracting investment, and cleaning up local high streets.

He plans to deliver clean streets, tackle fly-tipping, make waste disposal easier and make sure grass is cut in public spaces.

Today’s announcement follows his pledges earlier this week to tighten planning processes to protect the unique character of local areas. Also, to tackle the borough’s graffiti problem by reintroducing the council’s graffiti removal service.

On day three in office, Mayor Perry met local South End business owners, as previously arranged, to hear about their views and ideas to improve their local high street. In the wake of the pandemic and changes in retail habits, the council is ready to support businesses as much as possible.

He has extended an invite to meet business associations across Croydon to collaborate on new visions for their town centres and high streets. This has been met with great enthusiasm from business owners, and meetings will set over the coming weeks.

Mayor Perry also attended the South London Partnership’s ‘BIG’ (Business, Innovation & Growth) event at London South Bank University’s (LSBU) Croydon campus. The event brought together representatives from boroughs across south London, including universities, businesses, local authorities, students, community groups and residents to explore how to improve town centres as places to work, live and thrive.

Opening the event, Mayor Perry highlighted the role councils should play in creating high street environments which let businesses flourish and attracts investment.

Jason Perry, Mayor of Croydon said:

“It has been great to talk to Croydon business owners and our business partners today who are all working hard towards a thriving vision for our town centres. As the first Executive Mayor of Croydon and a local business owner myself, I have a clear vision for how we can improve these important spaces by working together to create the best environments for our wonderful businesses to thrive.

“The way Croydon residents move, work and play has changed and means our town centres face new challenges but also new opportunities. I look forward to meeting more businesses and residents as we set out how we will capture and build on those opportunities.”

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