Mayor Perry recommends removal of design guide to protect Croydon’s local character

Croydon’s Executive Mayor approved the removal of Croydon’s planning design guidance (SPD2) at his first cabinet meeting this week, marking a firm step to reset planning in the borough.

Removing SPD2 was a key manifesto pledge for Mayor Jason Perry, ensuring future developments in the borough put high-quality design first and respect existing local character.

Removal of the guide will now be recommended to full Council later this summer for final approval.

Following community consultation, new guidance on residential extensions and alterations is also due to be recommended to full Council for adoption.

Mayor Perry has also set out his intentions to review the Local Plan, which will set out how Croydon will meet growing housing demand in coming years. It is important that developments meet targets for new homes, work for residents and enhance the existing character of local neighbourhoods.

Jason Perry

“The unique character of our local areas has unfortunately been subject to rapid over-intensification of new developments in recent years. Residents raised clear concerns with me over this erosion of local character and I am determined to follow-through on my promise to stop this by removing our existing planning guidance. I will now be recommending that council also approve the removal of SPD2 so we can ensure new builds respect and enhance Croydon’s architecture for years to come.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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