Mayor Perry outlines his vision to restore pride in Croydon – achieving a financially sustainable council by 2026

Mayor Jason Perry will outline his vision for Croydon over the coming years at next week’s Cabinet meeting.

The Mayor’s Business Plan 2022-26 sets out Mayor Perry’s priorities for the next four years, building on his manifesto pledges for residents.

The number one priority for Mayor Perry is to continue to work towards a financially stable council. This will see the council become smaller but more effective – delivering good, sustainable core services for residents and setting the foundations for his wider vision for the borough.

Mayor Perry will make Croydon a cleaner, safer place, where residents and businesses can thrive. This includes ensuring that every child and young person is safe in the borough and given the best possible start in life. His plan also outlines how the council will support Croydon’s district centres and local economy to face their immediate challenges as well as future growth and opportunities.

Mayor Perry has reiterated his commitment to working closely with Croydon residents, diverse communities, businesses, and education partners to achieve this vision together and restore pride in the borough.

The five core outcomes of the Mayor’s Business Plan 2022-26 are:

  1. The council balances its books, listens to residents and delivers good, sustainable services.
  2. Croydon is a place of opportunity for business, earning and learning.
  3. Children and young people in Croydon have the chance to thrive, learn and fulfil their potential.
  4. Croydon is a cleaner, safer and healthier place, a borough we’re proud to call home.
  5. People can lead healthier and independent lives for longer.

The priorities were considered by the council’s Scrutiny Committee earlier this year and, following discussion at Cabinet, Mayor Perry will recommend adoption of the plan to Council in December.

A detailed delivery plan and performance framework will be developed and presented at a future Cabinet meeting.

Jason Perry

“I was voted in as Croydon’s first elected Mayor to deliver change for our borough, helping all residents and businesses to fulfil their full potential. My business plan outlines a positive vision of where we will be in four-years time – a council which balances its budget, listens to residents, and carefully focuses available resource on the core services our residents need. As we continue to get to grips with the previous administration’s financial mismanagement of the council, it’s essential that my number one priority continues to be reaching a firm financial bedrock. I am determined that we achieve this so we can make real change for Croydon and restore pride in our borough.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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