Mayor Jason Perry visits Norbury to oversee progress of graffiti removal programme

Executive Mayor Jason Perry visited Norbury on Monday afternoon to oversee removal of unsightly graffiti, delivering on his pledge to clean up Croydon.

Mayor Perry has made ridding Croydon’s streets of graffiti a top priority, and in his first week in office announced that the council would be ramping up its graffiti removal service with immediate effect.

The council had previously reduced its graffiti removal service as a result of budget cuts in 2020, which meant that only graffiti deemed offensive was removed.

With the planned return of the full graffiti removal service, residents can now report offensive and non-offensive graffiti via the council website or the Love Clean Streets App.

When making a report, please do remember to include a photo. This is easy to do via the app or the council website.

The council has already received over 200 graffiti reports, and the service is working to clear the backlog as quickly as possible. Due to the anticipated initial volume increase, new reports could take longer than usual to be cleaned but the council is committed to increasing response times as quickly as possible.

Graffiti remains an illegal environmental crime, and the council can issue fixed penalty notices of £80.00 to anyone caught doing graffiti.

Jason Perry

“Expanding and improving the graffiti removal service is vital to keeping our parks, high streets, and public spaces looking clean and attractive. There is still work to be done to clean up Croydon, but we are determined to continue making the changes that need to happen and listening to residents so that our communities and businesses can thrive.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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