Mandatory domestic abuse training aims to save more live

More lives may be saved as Croydon makes domestic abuse training mandatory for its social workers.

The comprehensive training, which starts on Wednesday (December 18), will see Croydon’s FJC team working in partnership with the borough’s Safeguarding Children Partnership (CSCP) and the Domestic Abuse specialist social worker, guiding all Early Help and Children’s social care practitioners.

The council’s social workers already have a good understanding of domestic abuse, but this new compulsory training ensures a high standard across the service.

The two-and-a-half days’ training sessions will give them a broader understanding of what domestic abuse is, how to asses risk, what signs to look out for in adults and children, understanding coercion and control, how to recognise patterns of behaviour from perpetrators and ensuring victims are offered the right support and advice.

Councillor Hamida Ali, cabinet member for safer Croydon and communities

“We aim to treat all forms of violence, including domestic and sexual violence, as a public health issue. Ensuring all our social workers are best equipped to spot and respond to domestic and sexual violence when they find it will save lives.

“The Vulnerable Adolescents Review, commissioned by Croydon’s Children’s Safeguarding Board, highlighted the prevalence of domestic abuse in the background of many of the young people addressed by the review.

“It is vital that anyone working to safeguard children understands the impact of domestic abuse on children and this important training will help them ensure their safety.”

The work is part of Croydon’s commitment to ensure a good understanding of domestic abuse and sexual violence within the council, schools, GP’s surgeries and voluntary organisations.

The council funded FJC offers free domestic awareness training to council teams such as the antisocial behaviour team, and local police Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

The team has also trained Shirley, Winterbourne and Woodland Children’s Centres, GPs, Fieldway Family Centre and Croydon University Hospital.



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