Making sure race and equality matter in Croydon

Croydon Council is asking the community to get involved in the development of pledges to make Croydon free from racism and a safer, fairer and more inclusive borough for all.
The council has been working in partnership with community groups, young people and the police to develop the pledges which are aimed at everyone that lives in, works in or visits the borough.
Feedback received over the summer showed the importance of the pledges and the need for commitment to them to ensure that every resident feels like they belong, has a voice and is treated equally by others. Comments have been used to update the pledges which the council now invites further comments on ahead of them launching next year.
Each pledge has actions for individuals and organisations, which by signing, they are committing to challenging racism and respecting the values of equality, diversity and inclusion in Croydon.
The Race Matters Pledge has been designed to tackle persistent structural and institutional racism following global acknowledgement of the need for change following the murder of George Floyd.
The Equalities Pledge covers all equality characteristics including; disabilities, faith, gender, age and sexual orientation and will contribute to ensuring that every resident feels like they belong, has a voice and is treated equally and fairly by others.

“Thank you to everyone who got involved and gave us their feedback on our pledges so far. Responses have not only helped us to make them even more inclusive and representative for Croydon, but have proved how important these commitments are to our residents and local businesses.
“Croydon is one of the first local authorities to develop a pledge specifically on race and I encourage everyone to help us make sure we’ve got them right, that they are clear and nothing has been missed.”
Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed, cabinet member for communities, safety and business recovery

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