Making it easier for you to register to vote

Are you registered to vote? That’s the question that Croydon Council will be asking a quarter of a million residents as the annual voter registration canvass takes place across the borough.

Over the summer, the council will be sending residents a household enquiry form on which they should provide details of all registered electors in the property.

To be delivered to some 250,000 people, the form will provide the name and address details of all who should be on the register of electors – the list of those who may vote at elections and referendums.

If there are no changes to be made, electors can confirm the details online at, or by post, Freephone or text, with contact details provided on the form.

If the elector details need to be changed – for example, to request a name to be included in the voters list – new information can be provided online, or by posting the amended form using the prepaid envelope provided.

An invitation-to-register form will be sent to anybody wishing to be included on the voters list to enable verification of the details, and allow the registration.

Nathan Elvery, Croydon’s electoral registration officer, said: “We’re offering an extensive range of cost-effective options for residents to use and it has never been easier to register.

“Residents should look out for the form as it will provide all the information required, and tell them exactly what they need to do.”

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