Making Croydon a great place to live

Meeting housing need and making Croydon’s neighbourhoods great places to live are at the heart of a 20-year growth and development vision for the borough.

The Croydon Local Plan incorporates the administration’s Ambitious for Croydon commitments and provides the planning policy for increasing the supply of homes, including affordable housing, and regenerating district centres.

The new plan has particular emphasis on making sure neighbourhoods flourish and support existing and future communities in daily life.

By identifying “neighbourhood centres”, it provides the opportunity to go beyond recognising centres for solely their retail function but for the wider role they play in supporting the local community.

And residents will be invited to have their say on the proposals which are due to go out to public consultation from 6 November to 18 December.

With Croydon on the cusp of unprecedented growth, the local plan has allocated land for development and set out the detailed policies to guide this.

It is estimated approximately 30,000 homes will be needed to meet Croydon’s growth needs over the next 20 years, and the plan lays the groundwork for achieving this.

The local plan covers the period 2016-2036 and conforms to the wider Mayor of London Plan for meeting the capital’s housing needs.

“This is about your neighbourhood and improving the places where you live. It is about changing the appearance of areas the moment you walk out of your front door.

“The local plan is a massive piece of work that sets out how we will deliver the growth of Croydon’s metropolitan centre and the suburbs.

“We are working with the current Mayor of London to deliver for Croydon and address housing need.

“This is a 20-year plan that sees the council delivering for Croydon’s children by ensuring our suburbs don’t freeze in time and that our district centres thrive.”

Councillor Alison Butler, deputy leader and cabinet member for homes, regeneration and planning


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