Make sure you’re registered to vote

Are you registered to vote? That’s the question that Croydon Council will be asking residents as the annual voter registration canvass takes place across the borough.

Every Croydon household will receive an enquiry form that will provide the name and address details of all who should be on the register of electors – the list of those who may vote at elections and referendums. Each household should confirm the details are correct, and amend if necessary.

The form should be returned by 18 August. Households that fail to do so will be visited, during September, by canvassers who will be able to help with the registration process.

If there are no changes to be made, electors can confirm the details

  • online at;
  • by calling Freephone 0800 197 9871; or
  • texting “Nochange”, along with the security code printed on the form, to 80212 (standard charges apply).

If you are unable to use any of these options, complete the form and post it back. Please do not return the form if you’ve confirmed using one of the automated options above.

To add, remove or update someone’s details, visit You will need the security codes printed on the form (at the bottom of the front page). If you do not have access to the internet you can amend the form and post it back.

Please do not forget to include anyone who is 16, 17 or 18 years of age. Completed forms give the council information about who is entitled to be registered at your property. Please remember that even if you add someone’s details to the form they will also need to register themselves at before they can appear on the register. If you do not have access to the internet, a registration form can be posted to each person added to the form.

Jo Negrini, electoral registration officer, Croydon

“We’re offering an extensive range of cost-effective options for residents to use and it has never been easier to register. Residents should look out for the form as it will provide all the information required, and tell them exactly what they need to do.

“It may seem that it’s only very recently that the last form was completed but the council is legally obliged to conduct this canvass every year, and we’d ask that people complete and return the form as soon as they can, making it easier for everybody.”

For more information visit

If you do not receive a letter, email

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I confirm my details online or by phone or text?

Yes – you can confirm and change details online, including adding new names and deleting old names. Go to

If there are no changes to the details on the canvass form, you can confirm your registration by phone or text. You will need the security code printed on the front page of your form and follow the instructions given.

I have recently registered; do I still need to complete this form?

Yes – as this will confirm that your details haven’t changed to enable to you to be included on the new register published on 1 December.

The form sent to my address has the names of people who do not live here, what do I do?

All forms contain the pre-printed details of electors who are currently registered at that address. If the people listed on the form no longer live there, you can update this information online or you can amend the form and return it to us.

I will be moving house soon, what should I do?

If you are moving house, and the property will be empty for a while, please cross out all the names printed, sign the form and return it to us.

If, however, there will be new people living in the property, please do not return the form. Instead, cross your names out and leave the form for the new occupiers to complete. A form should be waiting for you at your new property; if not, email

Nobody in our house is eligible to register; do I still need to send the form back?

Yes – if there is no one eligible to be registered at your address then please state this on the form and sign the declaration. If you are unsure as to whether you qualify to register, please contact our helpline.

I have recently changed my name; what do I do?

If your name has changed, please amend your name when responding online or on the form provided. You will then be sent a change-of-name form and you will need to provide your previous and new name and the date of the change. You will also need to provide evidence to support the change of name, such as a marriage certificate or deed poll certificate.

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