Local electoral proposals published for Croydon Council

The latest proposals for the new shape of Croydon’s local electoral map have this week been published by the independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

The publication draws new boundaries for every council ward across London’s second-largest borough and follows recent public consultation which has re-shaped earlier drafts of the plan.

Croydon’s Chief Executive, Jo Negrini, said: “The Commission has carried out a very thorough piece of work and has listened carefully to the views of local people in arriving at its conclusions. The next stage in this process is for Parliament to consider the recommendations. If they are approved the council will make contact with all Croydon residents to ensure they understand what the changes mean for them and where they have to go next time they vote.”

The Commission’s final recommendations to parliament propose no change in the number of local councillors. However, if the proposal is ratified, the 70 Croydon seats would, in the future, represent fifteen three-councillor wards, twelve two-councillor wards and one one-councillor ward.

Professor Colin Mellors, Chair of the Commission, said, “We are extremely grateful to people across Croydon who took part in the review. The Commission has looked at all the evidence that was put forward during the consultation.

“We believe these recommendations deliver electoral fairness for voters as well as reflecting community ties throughout Croydon.”

Full details of the final recommendations are available on the Commission’s website at www.lgbce.org.uk.

The proposed new arrangements must now be implemented by Parliament. A draft order – the legal document which brings into force the recommendations – will be laid in Parliament in the coming months. The draft order provides for the new electoral arrangements to come into force at the council elections in 2018.

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