LIVE – Croydon local by-elections 2021

Hello and welcome to our live blog covering five by-election results here in Croydon. We will be bringing you the results for each ward as they come in. The wards contested are: Kenley, Woodside, New Addington North, South Norwood and Park Hill & Whitgift.

The polls closed on Thursday 6 May and the count is about to begin, with all results in each of the five by-elections expected within the next few hours.

Counting has now started for New Addington and Woodside wards.

12:16pm: Results for New Addington North by-election: Kola Agboola (Labour) declared winner. Turnout was 35.2%.

13:15pm: Results for Woodside by-election: Michael Bonello (Labour) declared winner. Turnout was 40.9%.

13:40: Counting is underway for Kenley by-election. Stay tuned for results.

14:51: Counting is underway for South Norwood by-election.

15:32: Results for Kenley by-election: Ola Kolade (Conservative) declared winner. Turnout was 47.1%.

16:10: Results coming for South Norwood by-election. Katherine Kerswell about to announce the results.

16:15: Results for South Norwood by-election: Luis Carserides (Labour) declared winner. Turnout was 40.2%.

16:58: Count underway in fifth and final by-election – Park Hill & Whitgift.

17:30: Results for Park Hill & Whitgift by-election: Jade Appleton (Conservative) declared winner. Turnout was 53.3%.

17:38: That’s a wrap on five by-elections in Croydon. Thank you to all our hardworking election staff and to everyone who voted.


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