Learning what matters most to the community

Voluntary groups, youth organisations and faith groups will be among those visited during a town-centre walkabout by leading council and police figures on Tuesday (4).

The latest in a series, the aim of the walkabouts is to give organisations and individuals the chance to voice any concerns they may have, and to learn how the council and police may be able to help.

Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for communities, safety and justice, along with borough commander Chief Superintendent Andy Tarrant, will visit the Carers’ Support Centre, Lives Not Knives, Croydon’s street-based youth team, the Albanian support organisation Shpresa, the youth support organisation Croydon Drop-In, and Croydon Islamic Community Trust.

The walkabout will take in George Street, Centrale shopping centre, North End and London Road.

“I’m delighted to be meeting so many different groups and individuals to learn more about the great work that is being done, and to find out how better the council and police may be able to support people.

“I’m keen to get out and about as much as possible and would welcome invitations to visit other organisations in Croydon.”

Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for communities, safety and justice

Ch Supt Tarrant said: “’I welcome any opportunity to get out and meet people, and these walkabouts give us a chance to talk to those who don’t normally attend more formal meetings.

“I hope to respond directly to any concerns raised, and to develop ways of addressing any issues that they might have. The walkabouts also allow me to hear about some of the great work that is going on in the borough.”

Future walkabouts are planned for New Addington on Tuesday 8 September and Waddon in January.

Local ward councillors will attend some of the walkabouts, along with council officers from key service departments, to ensure that issues are noted and, where possible, addressed.

Walkabouts have already taken place in the London Road area, the Latham’s Way area and Surrey Street Market.


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