Landlord licence discount goes live

Private landlords in Croydon are being urged to save hundreds of pounds by joining the council’s selective licensing scheme early.

From 1 July until 30 September, owners of private rented properties in Croydon can pay just £350 for a landlord licence that will cost £750 from 1 October.

Croydon Council is launching the borough-wide licensing scheme to raise housing standards and tackle dodgy landlords who undercut their competitors on quality and price.

All applicants must prove they are fit and proper – and from October any Croydon private landlord who breaks or does not have a licence faces a heavy fine or prosecution.

The council has written to all landlords of the borough’s 30,000 private rented properties on how to apply for the Croydon Private Rented Property Licence.

A typical licence lasts five years, so landlords qualifying for the £350 early-bird discount will pay the equivalent of 19p a day. Most landlords applying from October will pay a one-off £750, but those failing to meet their licence conditions may have to pay £750 each year.

Any private landlord caught renting out a property without a licence from October will face fines of up to £20,000, while anyone breaking licence conditions can be prosecuted and fined up to £5,000.

“Croydon’s regeneration isn’t just about bricks and mortar but people’s quality of life across the borough.

“This licence will be a hallmark of quality that everyone can trust, especially local tenants, and I’m expecting some of our best landlords to apply early and benefit from our discount.”

Councillor Alison Butler, deputy leader and cabinet member for homes, regeneration and planning


The council’s cabinet approved the scheme in March in response to a rise in privately-rented properties, with negative consequences including antisocial behaviour and poor-quality homes.

The scheme was supported by around 70% of private tenants and local residents who responded to the council’s public consultation on the plans, while most landlords and letting agents who replied were not in favour.

Croydon’s selective licensing scheme will make sure landlords to use their powers under the Housing Act 1996 to keep their properties to a decent standard and tackle antisocial behaviour by their tenants.

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